The idea

Why doesn't every community recycle?

One of the reasons is cost of:





In rural America - small towns can't always afford the startup capitol it takes to get a recycling program off the ground.

Why not re-use a vehicle that we once trusted to take our children to school - to now recover our cans, plastics and paper.

The Recycle Bus

An oversimplified recipe

Take one yellow school bus

Remove seats

Reinforce frame on passenger side

Cut 3 bays on the passenger side

Convert side wall to swinging doors

Paint recycle green – add logo

Pick up cans - plastic - paper


The community I live in voted to start curbside recycling this year. It made sense to me that the recovery vehicle did not need to be an expensive piece of equipment.

This web site is to encourage:

communities to start a recycling program with a small startup cost.

communities to "piggy-back" onto towns with existing recycling programs.

entrepreneurs to start their own recycling business.

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