Advantages of RecycleBus
Advantages of a new Recycling Truck
School Buses are common to every community Shiny and new - Professional look
They have been regularly maintenanced Warranty
Every town has a bus mechanic or local service Ergonomic
Recyclable recovery about cubic space not weight Compacting feature
Cost - Free to $2000 Maneuverability
True to the idea of recycling and re-using  
When it fails - there are more to convert  
The RecycleBus can double as a recycling point - placed near dorms and grocery stores to allow those without curbside to recycle  
The first community that embraces the idea - could become the pilot program (i.e. grants)  
Disadvantages of RecycleBus
Disadvantages of a new Recycling Truck
Look used - unprofessional Cost
Maintenance on a used vehicle You start your recycling program with a carbon debt

Disadvantages of using RecycleBus

like a Recycling Trailer

You need to maintain liability auto insurance